Seda Studio

JanRae’s studio is located in downtown Boise Idaho at the rear of a 1895 restored brick house on 14th Street. The studio addition built in 2020, just won an award from Preservation Idaho for its integral historic design elements. My studio is pretty much open all the time, well, except when I am either traveling to a show or out exploring new possible views for future paintings. Just call to see if I am in or will be there soon! The studio is not just about creating and selling art works, for me it’s also about the cultural aspect, so bring visiting family over for a walk around the studio!

Commissions Welcome!

Often I am asked to paint pieces specific sizes for a space, or from a photo taken by the client. I also have created work that needed to match a pillow, or colors that were chosen to match fabrics.  A larger space may need a diptych (2 panel) painting, or a triptych (3 panel) oil original.
I suggest taping off the area with blue tape to see how the size will work in your space.