A bit of History

I did not get started painting till later in life, in my 50’s. My senior year at University of Idaho, I took an oil painting elective and at the end of class, was told to never pick up a paint brush again (gotta say it was a painting of mud!). I laugh at that now, if she could only see me! I tell people that as we age we grow in so many ways and because you were bad at something in our youth does not affect one iota your abilities when your older. I received the coveted Grellner Scholarship to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010, for an older woman pursuing a career in art. The school only offers 2 of these painting intensives a year. At the end the director of SAIC asked to purchase a painting from me, giving me direction on how to sign the piece on the back and telling me that someday my work would be worth much more but to also keep painting, that this was only the beginning! I work at my craft daily, putting in over 20,000 hours so far to master my techniques creating a more contemporary impressionism.